Entrusted to always act in our client’s best interest

Putting client needs first                   
There are times when seniors and other adults may no longer be able to make their own financial decisions.

Bills and taxes might go unpaid. Insurance coverage can lapse. And, it’s well documented senior adults are often vulnerable to self-serving individuals who have gained the senior’s trust.

Often, a family member is able to step in and protect the individual’s resources. There are many instances, however, when that is not practical or possible. In those instances, families turn to Senior Concepts. Working one-on-one with each client, we develop an understanding of their needs, circumstances and interests.

Every action Senior Concepts takes on our client’s behalf is guided by his or her needs.

Senior Concepts provides four primary services

Guardian of the Estate
  • Working under court supervision, Senior Concepts’ private professional guardians manage every aspect of a client’s financial matters. We make certain our clients’ needs are met and we guard their resources.

Power of Attorney
  • At the request of an individual, Senior Concepts serves as their Power of Attorney and helps them manage their property or other resources. In this role, Senior Concepts serves at the client’s discretion and acts under their direction.

  • Senior Concepts manages trust property in accordance with the terms set forth by our client when he or she established the trust.
  • When an individual’s trust instructs how his or her resources should be distributed, Senior Concepts makes certain their instructions are followed.

Administrator/Executor of the Estate
  • After the death of a family member, Senior Concepts has the experience to effectively and compassionately resolve their final affairs (bills, taxes, property disbursements, etc.).
  • Senior Concepts can simplify potentially overwhelming matters by coordinating the services of CPAs, attorneys, insurance companies, and other professionals.

Entrusted to always act in our client’s best interest

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